Hobo Museum

the Hobo Museum Hours are  Monday-Friday 10a.m. till 5p.m.  Central Time! Saturday by appointment.  Memorial Day till August 15th. $3.00 admission for all ages except babies.  The rest of the year is by appointment. email lindah@hobo.com to make an appointment.

The Museum started in the 1980's with a box of artifacts. The reality of a hobo museum took hold when the

Chief Theatre was purchased by the Hobo Foundation with money willed to them from an unknown hobo. Collections have come from all over the world. Books written by hobos, Music recorded by hobos crafts created by hobos are all available at the Hobo Museum.  Recently classes from Iowa State University came in and  renovated both the building and exhibits. The Museum and Gift Shop are open May 30th - August 25th or by appointment. Call 641-843-9104

Museum Admission $3.00

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